+ I spend $400 on the emergency vet because our shelter dog Henry hurt his back, probably jumping on and off our tall water bed and the couch. *sigh*

+ The damned waterbed has a LEAK ON THE BOTTOM, which I think happened because one of D's insulin needles feel down in there and poked it. 'But why does she keep INSULIN NEEDLES near the WATERBED?' you ask, to which I say 'EXACTLY.' *headdesk* So we need to empty part of the bed and figure out where the leak is and patch it and clean up the water and ugh, that crap is an all day process I am NOT looking forward to.

+ My dad was in the hospital for three days because of heightened potassium in his blood and I found out through FACEBOOK because no one let me know wtf. So I call my mom to tell her we will probably be visiting the next time I have a weekend off and she basically tells me I don't have to go. O.o Which, I know she is trying to be sensitive to our money situation and all, but really, it just sounds like, 'No, stay away.'and my family sucks so hard at communicating it is ridiculous.

+ Property taxes are going up again. I am SO FUCKED. *sigh*

+ Life is so overwhelming right now. I need to make more money. I think the house was a mistake. I'm not even PRETENDING to make good food choices because the stress makes me want ALL THE CHOCOLATE.

+ While I mainlined Sterek and Captain American:The Winter Soldier fic while hockey was gone, HOCKEY IS BAAAAAAAAAACK YAYZ.


HERE! More random meme. That's about where my head is at:

DAY NINE: list some of your favorite websites

Tumblr- I resisted tumblr mightily for a long time. Then MCR broke up and that seemed to be where all the people that were sad like me were. I was also trolling for Rachel Maddow graphics since I decided she was my sekrit intellectual gf. Then, of course, I fell down the rabbit hole of hockey slash and ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the fandom is there. I didn't realize, or had forgotten, just how much of a visual person I am. tumblr has it's own crazy energy, and it's own crazy-making brand of hyperbole that can make me shake my head. Still, rare is the day that I don't laugh and laugh at some gif/site/jpeg/convo on there.

http://www.gofugyourself.com/- The two women who run this post the most hilarious commentary on fashion and the celebrities that wear it I have EVER read. I am not a fashion plate myself (because, really, if I can't wear it with comfortable shoes I could give a shit about it), but I am endlessly fascinated by shiny dresses and pretty shoes. They also sometimes post in the voice of a big name fashion celebrity and it is HILARIOUS. I give you Kanye West at his fashion show:



http://www.leewind.org/-I'm Here, I'm Queer- Now What Do I Read?- Lee Wind is a writer, blogger, and speaker whose site is a combo YA lgbtq book recs, queer links, and social justice commentary, and just all cool things for lgbtq young adults and the people who read YA lit. My favorite thing is the exhaustive list of books on the left which links to a review and that he will rec not just chapter books but picture books and non-fiction that have to do with lgbtq issues. It's how I keep abreast of all the queer-themed picture books that come out from established and self-published and independent publishers. Check him out!

DAY TEN: a letter to the person you hate the most or caused you a lot of pain

Dear Danny/AlexCollapse )

DAY FOURTEEN: a song from your childhood

I remember listening to this in the car on the way to school, my mom speeding through all the yellows. I liked Frankie Valley before Jersey Boys was COOL, man.

+ HOCKEY! HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG HOW LONG WAS THE OFF-SEASON??? Have some eye candy of my boys: tumblr_nca2jtAIXG1qlfo2so2_500


Okay, gente.

I know I don't post on here much anymore but I PROMISE I'm trying to be better!

Take care and talk at ya'll soon!

In closing, have Britney Griner and her ink.

"Society gives us a bad rep for having tats, for being gay, so, I'm like, let me just throw it all together in one and see how you like it now. That's how I feel."


jueves OR 50 Day Meme

DAY SEVEN: a youtube video that you find funny
....did I miss a day? No? Eh, let's go with this lol.

Not long ago on tumblr I linked to this really powerful clip from slam poet Dominique Christina called The Period Poem. She wrote it because, after trying to instill body positivity and female strength of self in her 13 year old pubescent daughter, some dick wrote a horrible twitter post saying he dumped his gf when she started menstruating during sex.

This is not that video. This is the other side of that coin, and I have never laughed so hard.



miercoles OR 50 Day Meme

DAY SIX: list what you ate today

It was kind of a crazy day for eating

1. Mint iced tea
2. 1/2 Club Sandwitch
3. 1/2 Fantasy Sandwitch (ham, provolone, avocado, tomato and lettuce so yummy)
5. Large coffee later in the day

In closing, see my back to school bulletin board! I'm quite happy with it. :-)


'Till soon everyone!

50 Day Meme or I'm So Bad At This Now LOL

DAY THREE: your favorite movie


So here's a few:

FAVORITE ROM COM: She's Out of His League
FAVORITE ACTION: The Bourne Identity franchise

Okay, I stop now.

DAY FOUR: a photo of you taken over ten years ago:


Senior Pic- circa 1985

DAY FIVE: a letter to your crush

Dear Patrick Kane,

How dare you.



In closing, if you have not heard this kid's pop music violin covers you are missing out. Here is the one I can't stop listening to:


viernes OR 50 Day Meme: Day 2

DAY TWO: make a bulleted list of everything that happened in your day

YesterdayCollapse )

My life, so glamorous. :-)


jueves OR 50 Day Meme

Still struggling to post here. I've gotten really lazy/spoiled with Twitter and Tumblr. So, have a meme!

DAY ONE: introduce yourself / list your likes and dislikes

Hola, I'm ahestele. I'm a Latina, lesbian librarian in Texas and I've been reading and writing slash since 2002. Right now I'm in the hockey fandom, but I've written Buffy and Eminem slash, and I've read many; MCR was the last.

I like chocolate, sleeping late, YA fiction, comfortable shoes, and knowing all the dialogue to my favorite films.

I've been married to my lover Denise for twenty-something years.

The Rest of the QuestionsCollapse )


The thing about tumblr, see, is it doesn't really LEND itself to whinging.

My day today:

1. Got up; tried to get D up to drive me to park & ride since, as we know, I am Amish and don't know how to negotiate motor vehicles
2. D zombie shuffles to the car in no shoes and bedhead to drive me to p&r
3. I JUST miss the bus, but no big. She turns of the car and we wait for next bus
4. Next bus arrives. I kiss her and get out while she turns on the car and....nothing. A mysterious clicking sound
5. Fruitless turning of Key to no avail
6. We both have dumb phone so I get on bus to get to work to call dealership for a tow
7. Tow takes an hour to get there
8. By the time tow gets there D has realized that WE ARE OUT OF GAS AND MAYBE THAT WAS THE PROBLEM
9. The car grudgingly coughs to the nearest gas station....where their credit machine and ATM are NOT WORKING and they are taking cash only.
10. D calls me while rummaging in the car for change
11. As she pushes the seven dollars she's scrounged from her pocket and the car seats across the counter the credit machines begin working
12. She texts me that she is at home and fixing to go back to dealership since she had appt. to get the car looked at this morning anyway

I think this is a bad idea. I think she should get a clue and get back into bed because whatever voodoo hex bad juju astral plane fuckery happened this morning, it MIGHT NOT BE DONE.

This is AFTER Wednesday night when I had to take the bus to 'burbs because D was loopy from a medical procedure, the bus never came, and I ended up paying a ridiculous amount for a fucking cab.

I am SO DONE with this week, seriously, and I have six more days to go before I can get a day off.


martes OR Wow. It's Been Way Too Long

And quite frankly, the thought of even summarizing is kind of overwhelming.

So. Bullet points and links for the win!

+ We have a new deputy director at work. I recognize her from a workshop on graphic novels she gave at the library years ago. She is great and dynamic but there's already been an email sent out to supervisors of secondary supervisors<---(me) that state if said supervisor is going to give that employee an excellent evaluation rating, the supervisor will have to be prepared to include 'documentation' on why said employee is so fantastic.

So. That doesn't fill me with warmth and joy?

+ Summer has kicked everyone's arse and I am already so ready for it to be done. Still have another month of kids before school starts omg.

+ Home ownership continues to be wonderful and really expensive. Waiting to see what news our tax protest bring because if my monthly mortgage payment is going to continue to go up $200 every year I am not going to be able to swing this for long.

+ D has cycled off two major meds and wasn't THAT a fun weekend. She seems to have evened out now but that was a harrowing time.

+ Going to a wedding in Corinth, TX at the beginning of August where I will surely be one of the few people of color and also one of the few gay people. Should be a hoot!

+ Hockey love continues apace. The Blackhawks Convention was a celebration of fic fodder and squee worthy moments! Going to one is now on my bucket list.

+ The Winter Soldier love has grown and I have devoured Steve/Bucky fic like candy. At least until hockey season starts. :-)

+ Have not written at all between summer traffic/D's meds/getting sick right after I visited my parents but I REALLY want to continue. Especially after Convention!

+ I have moved almost completely over to tumblr and the sad, guilty feeling of doing so is slowly diminishing. I really miss the community of LJ, because tumblr energy is really different, but I have rediscovered how much of a visual person I am. I think most people are, really? And, though I don't have the connections I do on LJ, which I miss, it is still the best place I've found for the hockey fandom.

+ Discourse on Central American refugees.Collapse )

Now. Things what I find interesting lately.


+ A Shiver of Light/Laurell K. Hamilton- *sigh* So far it is pretty good, but I made the mistake of reading Amazon reviews (because I am a masochist) and I'm not sure how it will ultimately go. I really love this character and this 'verse but I do wish Hamilton would just pack it in if she's not feeling it anymore. These characters deserve better.

+ The Curiosities/Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton, Brenna Yovanoff- I LOVE LOVE Stiefvater's writing and characters to a crazy degree and her two cohorts are no slouches themselves. They call themselves 'The Merry Sisters of Fate' and this is a collection of short stories that also have commentary on the margins regarding writing elements and thoughts. The commentary is often funny and full of sass and I love the insight into the author's writing and what her friends think of her work. I love the stories so far! Great read imo.

+ Behind the Red Line/Todd Hartje- Candid, often funny book from the first US hockey player to play for a Russian Team. Hartje's narrative of the utilitarian existence Russian hockey players, and Russian people live is peppered with amusing anecdotes and frank observations and really does make you want to take all the hockey players and abscond with them en masse so I can give them soup and cookies.


+ Peter Lee Johnson- Going Home/Drake violin cover

I found this kid through a piece of music on a dance competition vid on YouTube and I can't stop listening to this absolutely majestic, amazing take on Drake's song. I've listened to a few of his covers and also to other violin covers and I like his the best.

You can't buy his stuff per se but you can download if off his site and if you give a donation he will apparently send you a zip file of all his stuff. Good deal!

+ Bailando/Enrique Iglesias, Gente D Zona, Descemer Bueno - Apart from the fact the Enrique is incredibly easy on the eyes, this is the most infectious Reggaton/latin beat dance song and I challenge you not to want to get up and move! I prefer the Spanish version to the English. Also, the dancer in red, the 'love interest' in the video, is STUNNING OMG. She is a professional flamenco dancer named Ana Karla Suarez and that is one physically lovely human being. You know how, in your head, you have this mental image of how you'd like to look? HERE IT IS. Don't take my word for it:


+ Masters of Sex- If there is a better cast show on television I don't know what it is. The chemistry between Michael Sheen and Lizzie Caplan (whom I suspect might have chemistry with a tree stump) is off the charts and knowing this is canon and based on the history of Masters and Johnson is amazing.

+ The Leftovers- I've have an Amy Brenneman Thing ever since Sisters; she's just one of those actors I will watch in anything because she is fantastic. I also have a Dystopian Thing, and this show combines both. I've been meaning to read the book but I am really liking this show quite a bit, though D finds it pretty dark and heavy. And I won't lie: I wanted to get a look at Jennifer Anniston's sweetie, who plays the sheriff. Verdict: very nice, decent actor, too. Good on you, bb!

+ Teen Wolf- I really, really miss Allison Argent but I do like the new characters and I am still a Stiles/Derek 'shipper. So far I'm quite pleased with the new season, though I am not thrilled with the ubiquitous evil Mexican gang of werewolves/ criminals. I much preferred the cute gay Latino student. More of that, please.

+ The Strain- I read the book because I was helpless not to read a vampire novel written by Guillermo del Toro. Really enjoying the show so far.


Watch this video The Company, the second place winners in the 2014 Vibe Dance Competition. It's where I discovered the Peter Lee Johnson cover. These kids are UNREAL.

Everyone have a great week! I miss you all a real lot! I am phig67 on tumblr, if you have one of those and do that sort of thing. It is mostly hockey squee, gay/women's rights/cute animals up on there, just so you know. :-)

Cuidense and 'till next time!

Has been a bit overwhelming. My overwhelmingness; let me show you it.Collapse )

IT'S THE CUP!!!!!!!!!!

Both The Stars and The Blackhawks are in the run for the Stanley Cup and BOTH TEAMS are struggling right now. Both of them won last night on home ice and I hope that is not the only way they win because that will, sooner or later, be problematic. I'm hoping for better things now that they have a win under their belt. *crosses fingers* Of course they BOTH PLAY ON THE SAME SCHEDULE WHYYYYYYYYY. So I am jumping back and forth between games or something since D considers it unfair when I watch hockey AND use our one computer to gameblog. I don't know why. I just want ALL THE HOCKEY THINGS. I am not being unreasonable. ;-)

So because they won last night and this gif is everything that is right with my world right now, have a Jonny/Kaner adorable celly after Jonny's goal last night:




Oh. I'm sorry. Did you think that would the only gif of these two adorable goobers? YOU WOULD BE WRONG. Tazer heavy for NICO. :-Collapse )

Tomorrow I do the Dallas Stars who are also fighting the good fight.



I don't know what's happened but I am writing a Kessel/Bozak/ofc. DON'T JUDGE ME. There was just Tumblr THING a few months ago about some rumor that Bozie had moved his gf into the condo, which I did not really buy. However, THE FIC. IT WRITES ITSELF. I don't even GET my fascination with these two goobers, seriously. Unlike Jonny and Kaner, I was not drawn by the pretty, and yet, I LUV THEM SO. I LUV THEM TOGETHER. Something about Phil Kessel's entire BEING is so appealing I just cannot.

So I am writing this thing which the radiant dine had looked at for me, but I don't know about posting. I mean, it is REALLY self indulgent which, okay, is all of fic and fandom, but still. It's rather Mary Sue. Which is strange since I'm not really INTO K/B that way...except for this? IDEK.

I'm still working on the 1988 fic, too. I am being stymied by a bowling scene. BOWLING. I mean, really self.

I had more to post but I am up to my arse in work, because of procrastinating due to the half-past-give-a-fuck situation.


I believe I have succesfully enticed Nico into hockey slash YAY! Those on here show her some love! She seems to be a Jonny Toews person. And, really, who can blame her? ;-)

Oh No!

Does anyone know what happened to totheviktor and her amazing kane/toews hockey slash primer??? Is she on DW?? I'm trying to entice someone into hockey slash and that primer was GOLD for me!

Anyone? Any other primer? Arrggh.

Also hai, I am better!

Longer post later!



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